wish listWISH LIST.

The following images represent the things we need, but they do not have to be new. It you have some used materials or left over medications including antibiotics, we will gladly take them. We usually get phone calls from pet owners asking us for medication for the fleas and worms and we also work in cat colonies where flea and worm infectation is the first thing we need to treat.
Veterinary care have become a luxury to many and we are trying to help pet owners keep their pets in all the ways we know how.
If you would like to financially contribute to our spay/neuter/vaccinate program you can send us a cheque, or pay via PayPal.
Detailed information available in our Contact Us page.
Thank you very much in the name of those who cannot survive without your act of kindness!


We are losing the barn we have been refurbishing for the last 2 years and we are in desperate need to find a Piece of Land where we can continue our several programs. Our cats will be homeless again if we cannot find one. Please, S.O.S!
Gas Coupons - Our most expensive bills are of gas. We daily use it to pick up and deliver food, to go feed and trap cats and to take animals to the veterinary.
CAT & DOG FOOD - For the large amount of cats we feed we prefer Cat Chow. Although we cannot buy the best quality food such as the ones we show we always like to have some for the debilitated animals, street dogs, kittens, and mothers. CANS of wet food are always a healthy boost for street dogs and stray/feral cats.
1000 watts Solar Panel Kit with installation - The barn we are still using is freezing
If you have an economic and automatic Truck that works well, but that you do not need any more. Please, think about us. We really need one for our Pet Food Bank.

Propane Heaters


BLANKETS - During 9 months of the year our shelter is really cold and we never have enough blankets; especially those knitted in wool. We can place warm and confy pillows outside the shelters where people who are homeless go to eat. Dogs are not allowed in buildings.
DOG SADDLES - Dogs from citizens who are homeless will deeply benefit from carrying their own bowls, food, water, and blankets.We know this from our Pet Food Bank beneficiaries.
WARM & DOUBLED RAINCOATS - and blankets for large dogs. Large dogs are the most likely to be the companion of a person who is homeless.
scratch pole
Due to lack of hydro in our shelter we cannot work beside the animals all the time we could and want. Having a LAPTOP will allow us to be with them most part of the day. However, because we do not have money to pay a professional we do our own webpage; our laptop would need to have lots of memory.
Our kitties love Scratching Poles
If you have carpentry skills and would like to make some of these Cat Condos, our feral cats in the woods would not get as many respiratory infections as they usually do for having no shelter.
We can find Advantage online and the one for large dogs we can use it several times. Advantage and Revolution are the only 2 brands we can use on cats and dogs.
L'lysine with Vitamine C in powder can be found in Natural Food Stores. This supplement is wonderful to boost the cats' health system. It helpd them to fight the so common respiratory disease in cats.
Revolution is the best. In addition of killing the fleas it kills their' eggs, mites and sometimes roundworms. IN BC only the vet clinics sell them, but if you travel we can find them in other provinces, or countries. Google may tell you. With one large tube for dogs we can treat like 20 cats.
This de-worming used in horses can be used in cats and dogs as well. This medication is not regulated by the BC College of Veterinaries and to see a doctor is not necessary. It can be bought online.
It is an anti-flammatory used as Pain-Killer after surgery. Only those who know the dosis should use it because it is not good.
Infection Treatment - One of the best treatments to heal wounds. It can be bought online.
Vitamines for Cats and Dogs
2 x 4 boards + 3/4 inches plywood sheets
Home Insulation
metal fence
concrete blocks
6 ft x 100 ft galvanized iron fence
4 x 4 x 10 ft poles
Concrete Blocks